When you have a garden, you invest time and materials into it, work in it, nurture it and enjoy it as it grows. It is yours. Whether you use it to entertain guests or as a retreat for yourself, you think of it as your garden. If you grow vegetables, herbs, or flowers in it, you think of them as yours – a product of your work and love. But did you know that you aren’t alone in your garden? You share it with many other beings, some are critters you might not want.

Critters that are the secret gardeners

While you might be the one to water and weed your garden, there are a host of other gardeners attending to it when you aren’t looking. That is correct – no matter how territorial you are, there are others helping your garden grow. They love it too and do great things to help it flourish. Say ‘thank you’ versus ‘get out’ to these co-gardeners:

  • Ladybugs
  • Spiders
  • Ground Beetles
  • Mantids
  • Lace Wings
  • Hover Flies
  • Dragonflies
  • Earth worms

These hard-working critters help keep aphids, grubs, moths, grasshoppers and other garden destroyers at bay. In addition to welcoming the above, be sure to let pollinators, such as bees and wasps do their thing, too. Only remove a wasps’ nest if it is a danger to you or your guests. (And be careful doing so!)

Larger Considerations

So tiny garden helpers exist, but there are also larger varieties that you might want to consider, depending on where you live. Attract toads and garter snakes to help with larger insects. Garter snakes will also help curb infestation of mice, as well.

You might even consider a water feature like a pond, a fountain,or other garden nooks and crannies to provide water and a safe spot to call home for the creatures who are attracted to your gardens.

Even larger animals, such as baby chickens, who will eat insects, and goats that will eat nuisance plants, can be good for your landscape as long as your neighborhood allows them, and you are aware of how and when to contain them. Be sure you do your research before letting them roam free.

Of course, a professional landscaper can assist you with keeping the wrong pests out and plant things to attract the right critters. Call Aisling View for help with planning and maintaining your garden and yard. We can help you at every phase of the process. Call us today for a free consultation at 317-636-9408.