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Concrete Pools

Not all concrete Pools are Gunite/Shotcrete and they are not nearly as expensive as many pool builders in this area would like the public to believe. They can become more expensive because you are able tie in your whole landscape/hardscape into the pool.  However, if the pool is well constructed and well maintained it should not need reconstruction. The beauty of a concrete pool is that the whole landscape package can flow with and into the pool. The pool can become any shape or size imaginable and finished with any desired plaster, tile, or stone. This includes custom water features and spillways- even bowls of fire and radiant underwater lights to brighten your night sky! There is no limit to the design and beauty built to outlast all others.

Vinyl Liner Pools

Vinyl is this region’s best selling quickest structural pool and is typically our most popular pool. The build process usually takes an average of 2-3 weeks from dig to final grade. These pool designs can be manipulated to most any shape and size at a fairly low cost. Our amazing step, bench, and tanning ledge packages leave our vinyl pools unbeatable – we have perfected the art of vinyl liner building.

Fiberglass Pools

The shortest of the build process and an excellent choice as far as unique designs and color options. These pools can offer what a vinyl liner pool can not as far as tile installations and beach entries.


We are excited to bring this new feature to our business with the incorporation of unique spa construction. Whether you’re looking for a traditional spa with a gorgeous decorative patio or a custom scene vaulted by majestic walls with a unique and custom build, there are endless designs for you to explore. We offer finishes with creative natural stone or check out our concrete finishes with breathtaking plaster and tile designs. Our one-of-a-kind swim spa construction is catered to whatever you can dream up and it can all be incorporated into your landscape, pool, or patio.

All Phases of Pool Reconstruction, Remodeling and Repair

All pools are repairable to a great extent and most pools are reconstructable. If you are bored of the same look and want to spice it up by adding some new features this can easily be achieved. Unfortunately, there are many pools that were never constructed well and most of the time they just need to have some issues corrected, but can be damages resulting from unqualified contractor builds. We work with insurance claims and poor constructions. Concrete and vinyl liner pools can always be reshaped, repaired, expanded and enhanced. All it takes is a bit of engineering, creativity and will-power to build a brand new pool again.

Never let a construction company that does not specialize in pools work on your pool, and never let them do any type of demolition to it, especially the deck. This is where a lot of customers try to save and end up spending a lot more because the lack of knowledge and experience will cause more damage to the pool.

Call us first. We love these reconstruction projects because it allows us to not only bring a pool back to life, but allows our creative landscape/hardscape and concrete departments bring the rest of your outdoor space back to life, flowing with new beauty and structure.

Professional Hardscapes

Are you tired of mowing or looking at a boring yard or just need to rejuvenate the life in the yard? Are you looking to add a creative look to boring outdoors? Do you want to “wow” your friends and family with a luxurious backyard party spot… Maybe even bring back the beauty of mother nature into the yard with an all natural oasis?  Give us the chance to create a dream for you.

You know what it is you’re looking for. We will design and build it professionally, worry-free and long-lasting. Our patios and walls could withhold a Semi truck:
guaranteed. We build to last and only use the best techniques and products our industry provides. So if you are looking to just get away without going too far we will help get you there!

Outdoor Living and Kitchen Areas

  • Patio Paving- Natural Stone, Tile, Traditional Pavers
  • Retaining and Seating Walls
  • Fire Pits and Fire Features
  • Water Gardens/Koi Ponds and Water Features
  • Decorative Concrete and Arbor Bridges and Culverts
  • Walking Paths
  • Problem Diagnosis, Reconstruction, and Repairs

Large Wall Construction and Engineering

  • Heavy Load Bearing Retaining Walls
  • Seawalls
  • Big Block Walls
  • Large Freestanding Privacy Walls


Concrete Installation, Demolition, and Repair

  • Decorative and broom finished concrete decks, patios, walks, and drives

  • Poured Structural and Decorative Walls

  • Overlays to existing unsightly concrete
  • Diagnosis and Repair to Damaged or Unsound Concrete

Fencing, Arbor and Pergola, Deck Design, and Construction

  • Decorative and Privacy Fences
  • Flowering Vine and Open Arbor Pergola

  • Simple to Multi-level and complex Decks

professional landscaping

Landscape Design and Installation

Dreams and Mother Nature’s Beauty are endless. Enhance your property with beautiful green and vibrant flowering perennials, annuals, shrubs, trees and stones. Consider beautiful flowing gardens and sanctuaries… or privacy hedges and rock gardens. The beauty we can create is endless.

 We invite you to give us the idea of your ideal garden and landscape.  Perhaps a pathway encased by vibrant colored perennials leading to a water garden with a tranquil waterfall, or a fire pit surrounded by natural stone seating walls. Maybe a simple flowering bed inviting hummingbirds and bees with fragrant and beautiful perennials and shrubs next to even, organized hedges leading to the focal point of your yard. Whether you’re looking for a simple structure, a path to another building, a fresh new build, or a vibrant landscape make-over surrounding your home, whatever your idea is, we can create it.

Our Work

AVScapes is a certified professional pool and landscaping company serving Indiana since 2018 with a combined 30+ years of experience and knowledge within the Pool, Hardscape, Landscape, and Concrete fields.  We never tire of creating amazing and timeless projects for our customers and friends.

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