The best evergreens for landscapes allow you to create a beautiful and functional environment that remains perfectly green all year. If you want a stunning landscape that you don’t have to worry about as the Indiana cold rolls in, evergreen plants are perfect. They’ll complement your home and yard while also easy to trim and maintain.

Including evergreens into your ideal landscape doesn’t just mean that you will have colorful trees to look at all year, but you’ll also have extra privacy. Plus, the best evergreens provide a shield from noise and weather elements. These are just some of the best evergreen plants you can consider using in your next landscaping project.

Use Big Trees for a Broad Impact

To create a lovely environmentally conscious fence, tall evergreens with a splash of color will make your yard stand out. You could start with the ever-popular Douglas fir for some excellent customization options.

Douglas fir trees have needles that grow long and flat. Each needle is yellow- or blue-green, and they grow spirally around each branch directly from the trunk. In the winter, this spectacular evergreen tree has shiny brown pointed buds to keep your landscape looking festive without all the hard work.

The Douglas fir’s spire-like shape looks impressive when you plant them alongside other trees. They come in several shades. You can also grow this evergreen in moist soil with full sun, making them one of the best evergreen selections for Hoosiers.

The Green Giant Arborvitae, also called the Thuja “Green Giant,” is another one of the best evergreens for your landscape, growing 40 to 60 feet high and 12 to 20 feet wide. It’s shaped like a pyramid and is extremely dense with low branches. The needles are small, glossy, and a gorgeous shade of dark green that keeps their color through the winter.

The Green Giant is a durable tree that withstands wind, insects, ice, and drought. It also grows well in most soil types, making it one of the best evergreens for almost any landscape design.

Smaller Evergreens Add to Your Décor

If you’re seeking a decorative landscape, a few smaller evergreen shrubs are a great way to break things up. The bird’s nest spruce, also called a Norway spruce, is an evergreen shrub that not only lets you attract birds to your lawn, but it only grows about eight feet wide, so it is a perfect plant for breaking up flower beds or guiding visitors along a stone path.

The Norway spruce spreads as it grows and is naturally rounded, making it an excellent low-maintenance evergreen option. As it matures, you’ll notice a slight dip in the middle of its flat top, making it appear to have a bird’s nest there. It has yellow-green needles that eventually age to a greenish gray. You can plant this evergreen shrub in the spring or fall, and they take about ten years to reach full size.

The Best Evergreens for Your Home

Once you’ve decided on the best evergreens for your landscape, you’ll still have to determine where they best fit in your yard to maximize their beauty and potential. The experts at Aisling View use evergreen trees and shrubs to create a comfortable, unique outdoor living space. We can help you maximize usage of the evergreen plants you’ve selected, or our professionals will guide you, helping you choose the best evergreen for your yard.

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