A pond in your yard or garden can be an easy-to-maintain feature that provides enjoyment and beauty. Ponds can also be built for a specific purpose like raising fish for additional income or simply to give your backyard space a sense of peace and tranquility. Aisling View can help you choose the right pond for you and your family.

Planning your pond means considering certain choices like size and placement

 Adding a pond requires you to make choices. First, consider where will it be placed?If you have a garden that needs just that one more thing to make it truly interesting, then maybe a small pond with a cascading water fountain will be the right choice. It could be located in your landscaped yard in either the back or front.

You’ll also want to consider the size of the pond. Do you want a small pond that sits within your already landscaped lawn or garden? Gold fish can be added to a small pond for an even more attractive feature. Koi fish are also a favorite type that need a bigger pond in which to live and swim.

The location and size go hand-in-hand because if you want a large pond with water cascading over rocks into a waterfall, you might not want it to be located very near your home. It might be a focal point that a lovely meandering path leads visitors to find in the corner of your lot. The sound of running water will travel and entice people to find the sound’s source.

Why do you want a pond?

 You also want to think about your reason for a pond. Sitting outside by your pond can bring you and your family hours of enjoyment and relaxation. Plants, rocks and small statues can be placed around or even in the water. The features and the water, itself, will attract wildlife and birds that you can enjoy watching in all seasons. The pond will provide drink and food for these creatures, as well as your own pets.

You can place a larger pond in an area of your yard or property for recreational fishing or even added income. Some homeowners stock their ponds with fish that can then be consumed by the family or sold as a food source.  You might also open it up for fishing by others. This type of pond can be constructed for both purpose and decoration.

Decorate your pond with rocks and plants

 No matter what size pond you choose, you may want to decorate or surround it with rocks or plants. You don’t have to choose any specific plant to grow around your pond. Any colorful flowers or even shrubs could be planted, but some plants are better than others to keep away pests and provide balance for nature

Some of the most common plants provide food for birds and animals and many attract butterflies and insects. The pickerelweed attracts dragonflies that eat mosquito larva to protect from the growth of mosquitos around your pond. Other plants like the blue flag iris and the arrowhead are hearty plants that last long and grow well in water. You are creating an ecosystem.

Your plant list could include:

  • Water lilies
  • Water forget me nots
  • Water lettuce
  • Cattails
  • Creeping Jenny
  • Lizard Tails
  • Water Lotus
  • Grasses
  • Junipers

Again, most rock can be used for around your pond. Whatever you choose should match the style and size of the pond. You may want to make choices based on color, size, and texture.

Your pond can add to the value of your home and you’ll want the best design. Don’t try to do it all alone. Contact Aisling View, professionals who have experience in this kind of project. We can put our years of experience to work for you and we are always happy to give you a free estimate.

Add the beauty, interest, and peace of a pond to your landscaping design. It will provide years of enjoyment.