Even the most beautifully landscaped garden or yard may be missing something that can be easily added. If you want to customize or personalize your yard, a fountain, pond or both can add interest to your space. And the custom designers at Aisling View can help you both select and integrate your fountain.

There is a fountain to suit everyone

No matter what your style, you can add a fountain that fits into any existing landscape design. Your fountain could be simple and understated or elaborate and ornamental. It might be an accent piece or the centerpiece of your yard or garden plan.

Fountains are made with different materials. You could choose a fountain made of resin, cast stone, copper, wood, stainless steel, or fiberglass. And there are a number of different styles of fountains. You might want a statuette fountain in a formal garden or yard. Artists have used people, animals, and mythical creatures to create statuette fountains.

Solar fountains are just one of the many different types

Some fountains are powered by an electric pump. These fountains can work 24-hours a day, but they also have to be installed in one spot because of the necessary electrical cord or cords. A solar fountain is powered by the sun. Even though you won’t have the water after dark, this fountain can easily be moved to any spot in the yard because it doesn’t have to be close to an electrical source.

Other types of fountains are also available for your selection:

  • Tiered fountains
  • Rock waterfalls
  • Wall fountains
  • Wooden fountains
  • Bird bath fountains
  • Outdoor lighted fountains

The water in these fountains can be running, bubbling, raining, pouring or cascading. Your fountain may be part of a bigger landscape plan that includes a water space like a pond. You might include decorative rocks around the pond or even include fish to this new area.

The sound of your fountain within a pond can be soothing and peaceful. If you want to invite wildlife and birds into your space, water is an attractive addition for them, too. Your fountain and pond can also provide some cooling for the landscaped space.

Fountains and ponds can be easily maintained

Both the fountain and the pond should be clear and clean. Each are fairly easy to maintain, but, you’ll want to consider the effects of ice and snow each winter. Some fountains could freeze and crack. Leaves can gather and cause damage to the pump or affect the output of the water. And mosquitos love to breed in wet, stagnant water. So, if your fountain is not running properly, you could have a problem with these pesky little insects.

The experts at Aisling View are always ready to help you with new ideas for your garden and yard. We will design a new plan or update an existing landscape plan. Contact us for a free estimate at 317-636-9408