Garden owners know how relaxing it is to spend time in their own yard, and real estate agents know how important landscaping is to catch potential buyers’ eyes. But, did you know that curb appeal increases property value? Plus, having your own garden increases your happiness and well-being. Having professional landscaping becomes a real asset in several ways, physically and mentally, but also financially.


Professional Landscaping for Home Owners


Is professional landscaping really necessary for everyone?

Maybe not, if you aren’t concerned with curb appeal, selling your home, or spending time outdoors on a deck or patio. When buying a property, the first impression is crucial. Curb appeal can make or break a sale within seconds. That’s why it’s worthwhile for property sellers to present a house with a well-tended yard to potential buyers.

At the very least, potential buyers see the front yard. Anyone who sees a well-tended lawn suspects a carefully maintained house. The opposite is true, as well. An unkempt yard or overgrown garden suggests the owner doesn’t care much about the property or the home.

These associations come to the viewer even before the actual house tour. The first impression has a direct impact on the mood of the prospect. If the impression is good, it increases the mood and increases the interest in buying.


Reshape Your Landscape


Anyone who has neglected garden maintenance in recent years should tidy up the garden before the planned property sale. This will increase sales opportunities and property value. A garden redesign is usually associated with a lot of work and costs. Sometimes a small investment is enough to give a neat impression. Here are some ways to quickly improve your landscape without hiring a professional.

  • Mow the lawn
  • Remove moss and weeds from paving paths
  • Rake leaves
  • Cut hedges and bushes
  • Clean up plant pots and flower boxes
  • Tidy up the entrance area
  • Check that outside lights are working
  • Remove or repair any tripping hazards such as a garden hose or loose paving stones
  • Repair or remove broken items
  • Move less attractive objects like garbage cans out of sight
  • Paint the shed or repair damaged facades
  • If possible, set up inviting seats in the garden


Beauty is Relative, but Neatness is Not


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yes.  Some prefer a short cut lawn. Others like neat gravel-edged flower beds and precisely trimmed hedges and bushes. Perhaps you prefer a wild garden.

As different as styles are, all gardens and landscaping should have one thing in common before trying to sell your home. They should leave a well-groomed, loving, and meticulously thought-out impression.

With professional landscaping, the viewer intuitively recognizes how necessary property upkeep is to the homeowner.

Consider these things that can affect the value of your home:

  • Placement of trees
  • Number of mature trees
  • Number of native plants
  • Vining plants that attack and damage the exterior
  • Dry soil causing foundation shrinkage

These are things that not every homeowner knows about. For instance, do you know how to correctly place trees or which native plants increase property value the most? The majority of homeowners don’t know these answers, which is why it’s prudent to hire specialists for professional landscaping.


Professional Landscaping Pays Off


With a little elbow grease or the help of a professional, it’s always in your best interest to showcase a well-tended garden or yard. It’s not only beautiful to look at but also an investment that pays off.

If the house and garden form a well-kept unit, a planned property sale is much easier. Both the house and the garden should be maintained and cared for as consistently as possible. Spending on the house and garden is worthwhile in the short term before a sale and continuously keeps track of the property’s value. A garden often serves as a place to retreat and slow down.

With the fast pace of our everyday lives, many people manage to find peace in their own backyard. The value of professional landscaping lies in the things that money cannot buy: time and peace.

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