When thinking of your yard, what are some words you would use to describe it? Would dull, bland, or nothing special come to mind? Indianapolis landscaping company, Aisling View can easily install flower beds or gardens in your space to create a more visually esthetic landscape, but another option to upgrade the look of your yard could be a hardscape design like a lovely, meandering garden path!

Designed and installed with your vision in mind, hardscapes can create a fresh appearance, adding value to your home. With many options to choose from, though, what might the benefits of one type of path or sidewalk be aside from another type? What might be best for your home or budget? Here are some of the options open for your yard:

Easiest and least expensive of the options are Mulch or Gravel paths.

Mulch consists of small pieces of bark or wood chips creating a soft path that looks very appealing in a natural setting. Some points to consider:

  • Mulch tends to be less expensive than gravel or stone, but decomposes over time.
  • Needs rejuvenated every two to five years with new material.


Gravel is a more formal and longer lasting option.

  • Consider washed gravel, crushed stone or crushed shells which can last indefinitely
  • Needs occasional weeding to look its best.

For a more individual, unique look, stone paths can be a beautiful addition.

Stone pathways are a relatively easy install, but add a great deal of value to your landscape.

  • Geometric stone paths offer a solid, consistent pattern often softened by the addition of plants or flowers.
  • Natural free form stones provide more of natural feel with different dimensions and characteristics of each customizable stone

Paver walkways can be the most expensive option, but often are most easily customizable. The durability of a paver path is above all else, providing a beautiful look with a lasting result.

  • Brick paver paths are offered in a wide variety of colors and textures, are very durable, and stain resistant for a very low maintenance selection after install.
  • The design options are limitless with the variety of styles, sizes and colors of pavers available.

Concrete walks and formed walkways can cut sharp lines, or with forms, mimic natural stone walks.

  • Concrete options require an occasional sweeping and weeding as needed, but if you want to maintain that just-laid look, be prepared to scrub stains or mildew.
  • Concrete walks are fast and easy to install and last a long, long time. Concrete can also be tinted to provide options other than the white/grey look.

When shopping for a new design for your landscape, there are many options. The professionals at Aisling View ask the questions necessary to find out what your ideal selection might be. A new path meandering through your yard might be just the thing to freshen up your outdoor space and bring a smile to your face. You can’t go wrong with a free estimate from Aisling View, either!

There is no bad time to start designing the next element to bring your yard up a notch. Contact Aisling View today online or by calling 317-636-9408! Let’s get started!