Winter and early spring storms can leave your yard and landscaping in need of some TLC. Now is the time to tackle spring cleanup tasks to get your lawn, trees, scrubs and flower beds ready for summer. But, if you’re not sure exactly where to start or what you need to do, below is a spring cleanup checklist you can follow to make your lawn and landscaping look beautiful again.

Spring Cleanup Checklist

Lawn Care Tasks
  • Pick up larger tree branches. Cut branches into smaller pieces if necessary and save this wood to use in your fire pit.
  • Rake up dead leaves, grass, twigs, pinecones, trash and other debris.
  • Compost dead leaves and grass, if you wish. Note: Dog and cat feces should never be composted.
  • Place lawn debris in lawn bags for disposal. Find out how your town handles collected yard debris for pickup or drop off.
  • Prepare brown or bare spots in your lawn for spring seeding. Remove dead turf. Work compost into the damaged areas. Apply grass seed.
  • Mow your grass once the temperature warms up, and especially if you’ve had a lot of snow or rain during winter and early spring.
  • Redefine the borders of your lawn.
  • Control weeds by applying a crab grass preventer on your lawn and spot-killing broadleaf weeds.

Tree and Shrub Care Tasks

  • Prune and trim dead limbs and branches. Or, make arrangements for a professional tree-trimmer to take care of larger branches. If your shrubs have become overgrown, and you’re worried that improper pruning may cause your shrubs to not flower, research individual shrub care guidelines. Or, you can contact a professional landscape company, like Aisling View, for their advice and care of your shrubs.
  • Remove dead leaves and stalks on perennials and ornamental grasses.
  • Plant new perennial trees and shrubs while the temperature is still cool. Give them plenty of water to sustain root and leave growth.

Flower Bed Care Tasks 

  • Rake up dead foliage, leaves, twigs and other debris. Remove dead annual flowers from last year. Pull up weeds.
  • Re-edge flower beds.
  • Divide perennials, such as daylilies and hostas, as needed.
  • Cut back damaged rose canes.
  • Plant annuals and perennial flowers after the last date for frost as passed (traditionally late May). Fertilize and apply mulch.

Hardscape Care Tasks

  • Rake gravel back into walkways and patios. Apply more gravel to sparse areas.
  • Refill the joints between flagstones.
  • Remove any pavers that have lifted, replace the base materials as needed, and set the pavers back into place.
  • Pressure wash any stained or algae-covered areas on patios and walkways.

Get Professional Landscaping Help

At Aisling View, we know that spring cleanup of your lawn and gardens can be a big job. If the thought of handling these tasks gives you a headache – or you just don’t have the time to do it – let our professional lawn care and landscaping service experts roll up their sleeves and do it for you.

As certified landscaping professionals, Aisling View Landscape can take care of your yard and garden spring cleanup, as well as ongoing lawn and garden maintenance. And, if you’re ready to create your outdoor dreamscape, we can design and install beautiful landscapes, gardens and hardscapes that you’ll want to enjoy year-round. Contact Aisling View Landscape at 317-636-9408 for a free estimate. Let us take the hassle out of your spring cleanup, so you can start enjoying the full spring beauty of your property.