If you spend time and money planning and constructing a beautifully landscaped yard, then you probably want to enjoy it as often and as much as you can. You can do that in the evening and night-time hours by adding outdoor lighting. If you’re just beginning the planning process, it’s a good idea to include outdoor lighting as part of the design plan.

Your outdoor area will be safe and appealing with lighting

 Outdoor lighting really has two purposes. Security or decoration. Both are important aspects of your landscape plan. But, while making your outdoor area safe and secure might seem practical and austere, it can be woven into the decorative design of the overall yard, too.

A well-lit area is less likely to attract intruders and unwanted guests. Many people add lights to the exterior of their house or garage. These lights can be ornate, simple or practical. Another possibility is that lights can also be added to a wall or fence surrounding your yard. Hanging lights in trees and shrubbery can help light a walkway or driveway and surround these natural plants with a magical glow. (And make for romantic or fantastic backgrounds for gatherings, large or small.)

Outdoor lighting will also make your welcome guests feel safe. A dark walkway or path through your yard or entrance can be dangerous. You can prevent accidents or falls with a few well-placed lights.

A homeowner might add a spotlight to highlight another landscape feature. If your yard or garden has sculpture or a fountain that’s an integral piece to your landscape design, you’ll want it to always stand out and lights accomplish that. Add some drama with lights inside the fountain to make water sparkle after dark.

People who enjoy an outdoor kitchen will not want to be limited to only the day-time hours for cooking and entertaining. Good lighting not only allows a home-owner to use the kitchen at night but can also provide an inviting atmosphere for family and friends.

                                                                                                                                                                       Three types of lights are available for the expert and DIY-er

  • High voltage lights that are used at entrances, garages, and other large areas should be installed by an electrician because of the necessity of buried cables and wiring.
  • Low voltage lights are not as bright and don’t have cables that need to be buried or wires that have to be connected to a circuit box. These lights can often be plugged into an outdoor receptacle by the home owner.
  • Solar lights are those lights on a spike that you can simple place down the walkway to illuminate for the safety of your visitors. The more sun they get during the day, the brighter they’ll shine during the night.

Decorative lights like lanterns on a pole or lights attached to your house come in all sizes and materials. You can purchase a contemporary style or an antique style to fit any décor preference. No matter if the lights are located on your deck or patio or right out on your lawn, you can be sure that your landscape design will be enhanced.

The experts at Aisling View will be happy to help you select and plan for outdoor lighting. They have experience in designing and creating landscape projects that include all aspects of a distinctive outdoor space. Their services include free estimates on the new spaces and the old. Contact them at 317-636-9408.