We live in a time and in a society where everything is fast paced, and time seems to disappear without us realizing it. While some of it can be fun, the speed at which we find ourselves living, stresses our minds and bodies in a negative way. We tend to sit too long, work too hard, sleep too little, and eat too fast. Many don’t have a chunk of time to have a hobby or an escape from the pressures of living the way we do. However, we all need something that slows down time and allows us to escape on a regular, even daily basis. A garden, can be an oasis from all the chaos.

Garden Varieties

One of the misconceptions about having your own garden is that you must have a green thumb. It’s really not a necessary talent. There are many varieties of gardens and some can handle the care of even the dreaded brown thumbed gardener. Some types of gardens to consider are:

  • Flower
  • Vegetable
  • Water
  • Rock
  • Butterfly
  • Container
  • Herb
  • Raised bed
  • Shade
  • Wall
  • Flower box
  • Formal
  • Succulent

And the list goes on. Almost every plant you buy specify the necessary light, soil, and water needed for its care on the tag. If it doesn’t, the internet can give you plenty of information even if all you know is the common name of the plant. There are apps that help you to identify plants, as well as groups you can join on social media that can lend support if there are questions or issues and to give suggestions. Call your landscaping expert to find out what will work in the area you where you want to begin to build your own retreat. You really don’t need to have experience or a talent for growing to enjoy a garden of your own.

The Hidden Benefits of Tending to a Garden

Part of the allure of gardening as a hobby isn’t that it is just a distraction from life, it’s a way to create something, nurture it, and watch it grow and change over time. It gives a person a sense of accomplishment. After you start, especially if you work with pros like Aisling View to get the bed in place, it’s a minimal daily investment in time – it takes only a few minutes per day to keep the weeds at bay and ensure it has enough water – with a long-term pay off.

A garden rewards you with colors and fragrances, as well as delicious produce and herbs if you plan it that way. It allows you to engage all of your senses. If that isn’t enough of a benefit, consider that studies have shown that it reduces risk of dementia by one-third, it lowers the stress hormone levels of cortisol, provides exercise, and exposes you to much-needed vitamin D.

Your garden can contain a variety of flowers and plants, architectural elements, colors, and types of plants in any combination that interests you. The key is to build something you look forward to creating and nurturing; a place where you can escape for even a few minutes. Obviously, here at Aisling View, we love gardens and landscapes. We can help you integrate a hobby garden into your landscape plan.

If tending your own garden still doesn’t sound appealing, Aisling View is more than happy to design, install, and maintain it for you. For examples of our work and more information, visit our website or give us a call at 317-636-9408.