At Aisling View we make your property look tidy and gorgeous for most of the year. But when the cold and snowy Indiana winters hit, we can’t prune your snowbanks the way we shape your shrubs. Is your landscape prepared for winter weather?

A contingency plan can save you thousands of dollars in repairs and prevent lost revenue. Follow these tips to create an inclement weather plan that keeps your staff, customers, and inventory safe.


Get Prepared for Winter by Communicating with Staff and Visitors


Your plan should begin even before the first snowfall of the season. Prepare for winter by telling your employees about your cold weather plan and what constitutes a temporary business closure. You should have this plan in writing, so everyone can access it when they need it.

Let your employees know as soon as possible if the weather is severe enough to close your business. Contact each person to let them know why you’re closing and for how long.

Communicate with your customers on as many channels as possible using an email announcement, your business’s social media, a website post, or an outgoing voicemail message to say your business is closed.


Get Prepared for Winter by Taking Inventory


Many businesses have inventory that can be affected by weather or lack of maintenance. For example, if you run a grocery store or restaurant, check your produce and other perishable items to make sure they don’t spoil.

Similarly, pharmacies have medications that they must keep at certain temperatures, and a power outage can render them useless or even harmful to patients. Electronics can also have problems in the cold, so make sure your products are all in working order before putting them on the shelves.


Get Prepared for Winter by Maintaining Your Property


Storms can damage your property, but you can take some steps to prevent or reduce that damage. Maintain your commercial property by cleaning up outdoor areas, keeping them free of debris, and making all repairs as soon as you discover a problem. If you aren’t sure where to begin, call us for a no-obligation consultation for help.

A sturdy roof is less likely to leak in a storm or experience severe structural damage than an older one that you haven’t inspected in a few years. You should also maintain pipes and other internal structures to reduce the risk of breakage or bursting.


Always Remove Snow and Ice


When many business owners schedule snow removal, they often think about the snow and ice on the ground. However, you must also remove snow from your building’s roof to prevent structural damage to the building.

Ensure that customers and staff can walk and drive safely through your parking lots and pathways. Removing snow and ice promptly helps prevent injuries on your property. Clearing walkways and spreading what is commonly called “salt” is important.


Plan for Safety


Before inclement weather hits, inspect your business’s sidewalks, railings, driveways, and anywhere else that your staff and customers access regularly. Know which areas of your property—inside and out—that pose a potential issue, like dips in the pavement that may collect water and freeze and use signage to warn people of dangerous conditions.

If you need help to prepare your landscape for winter this season, call our experts at Aisling View at 317-636-9408. Winter is also a good time to be thinking about an update or new look for the landscape in the fall. Landscape design is a specialty of Aisling View. We will be happy to help you plan something brilliant!


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