Do you look at glossy home décor magazines and became envious of each gorgeous outdoor room they feature? If your backyard is bland and boring, or you only have a tiny concrete slab for outdoor entertaining, Aisling View understands how the green-eyed monster has you in its grips.

Many people dream of having an inviting outdoor room for barbequing, entertaining friends and just plain relaxing. However, they don’t know where to start in designing and implementing an outdoor room project. Aisling View has helped many Central Indiana residents plan and install their ultimate backyard retreats. We can help you, too. Let’s start by identifying some key points about your ideal space.

What Activities Do You Want to Do in Your Outdoor Room?

Many people like to use their outdoor spaces for cooking, dining, entertaining, playing games, reading, and relaxing. Once you know how you’re going to use your space, you can figure out whether you need one large area or several smaller rooms for each activity.

How Do You Want to Feel in Your Space?

Some people may want a large, open place for entertaining which allows freedom for people to talk, interact, eat, and play games. Others may see themselves lounging in a sunny expanse where they can soak up the rays. While some people may prefer a cozy, sheltered nook where they can read a book or take a nap.

Once you know how you want to feel in your outdoor room, you can determine the type of space you need, for example, a public area, a semi-private area, or a private area. The type of space will help determine the design. A public area will be open, so many people can gather together comfortably. Semi-private and private areas will use landscaping and outdoor structures, like pergolas, gazebos and fences, to screen and shelter you from your neighbors.

Whatever type of outdoor room you want, the design experts at Aisling View can create and install the living space of your dreams.

Where Will You Put Your Outdoor Room?

You need to remember your outdoor room is an extension of your home. Therefore, you, your family and guests need to have easy access to your space.

Do you want an area for cooking, dining and entertaining? You’ll likely want a patio or deck close to your house. That way, you don’t to carry food and other items very far from your house.

If you want a more secluded outdoor room for talking, reading or relaxing, an area situated away from your house may be ideal. Create an intimate area with outdoor furniture or a bench surrounded by beautiful, lush landscaping. Connect this space to your house by fashioning a pathway with foliage or hardscaping, like crushed gravel or stone pavers.

If you don’t want to use up your weekends installing your outdoor room, let the landscaping and hardscaping professionals at Aisling View do the work for you. You won’t have to lift a finger – let alone any dirt.

How Will You Engage Your Senses?

A fun way to design an outdoor room is to consider how you will use your senses in that room. Do you want an outdoor space where you can survey a beautiful view or enjoy a dazzling sunset? Then your room needs to include a sweeping vista.

If you live near a busy road and you’re tired of the constant traffic, you may want to block out the noise by installing a water feature, like a fountain, babbling brook, or a pond with a waterfall. The sound of water is not only relaxing, but it also attracts birds and wildlife.

Do your neighbor’s smelly trashcans keep you from enjoying your backyard? Fragrant shrubs or flowerbeds can help cover up bad smells with good smells.

The landscaping and hardscaping specialists at Aisling View have extensive expertise in creating visually appealing landscapes with beautiful trees, shrubs, grasses and flowers. And they’re knowledgeable in the installation of various types of water features for a relaxing, at-home getaway.

Aisling View Can Create Your Lovely Backyard Retreat

Whether you have an expansive or postage stamp-sized yard in Central Indiana, let the experts at Aisling View design and install an alluring outdoor room that meets your lifestyle needs. Contact us at 317-636-9408 to set up an appointment for a free estimate of your outdoor room project.

Get out of your house and enjoy the warm air and sunshine in your outdoor living space today.