Due to the hundreds of types of grass that exist, it can be complicated to look at the characteristics of each species and try to choose the right grass for your lawn. As much as we may like variety in our landscaped lawns, it’s important to know what kind of grass will benefit your lawn the most.

Choosing the right grass will depend on:

  • The climate where you live
  • What use it will have
  • The type of soil you have
  • The amount of sun or shadow it will get
  • The care and time you want to devote

To begin, the climate is easy to establish. Indianapolis is located in a transition zone, which means warm and cool regions overlap.

In our Midwest climate, the best grasses for Indianapolis residents are:

  • Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Tall Fescue
  • Fine Fescue
  • Perennial Rye

So, which one of these is right for your lawn?

The Best Grass for Heavy Use

If you have children or pets, you’ll probably want a hardy grass that thrives under heavy use. If you prefer to use your lawn more than look at it, a fescue blend might be best. Tall fescues are popular for homes and industrial sites because of its tolerance to wear. It is ideal for heavy foot traffic.

This low maintenance grass needs little to no fertilization during the summer months and offers a lovely green color. It grows in the shade or in the sun and is resistant to lots of wear and usage. If you like spending time on your lawn, entertaining or barbequing, a fescue blend grass seed might be right for you.

Some fescue blend options:

  • Creeping Red Fescue
  • Hard Fescue
  • Legacy Fine Fescue
  • Sheeps Fescue

For homes that have lots of shade and tend to stay cooler, the red fescue is a great choice. This grass doesn’t need to be mowed as often, and it has a high shade tolerance. This grass is also moderately wear-resistant for heavy foot traffic.

Low Maintenance Grasses

Some varieties of grass don’t need much maintenance. In Indianapolis, you’ll find many bluegrass varieties. Kentucky bluegrass is great for Midwest regions because of its hardiness and lush beauty. This type of grass is considered one of the highest-quality grasses in Indiana, chosen for its ability to grow in colder months.

Least Drought Resistant Grasses

Perennial Ryegrass is an optimal choice for lawns that are shaded and tend to be cooler throughout the year. This type of grass can often be seen on golf courses, and it usually only lasts for one season. Ryegrass is higher maintenance, intolerant of drought weather, but it germinates quickly and acts as a robust ground cover.

Best Time to Plant Grass

The best time to plant grass in Indiana is late summer or early fall, or at least two months before the first frost. This ensures that the soil is warm, and you can usually count on consistent rainfall to encourage deeper roots and faster growth, and you’ll be able to establish your lawn before winter gets here.

If the months of August to October don’t suit your schedule, you can plant grass seeds in the spring once the soil has warmed up. It is a bit more challenging because of the unpredictable temperatures in spring, but you can have success with the help of professionals.

Choosing the Right Grass

As you can see, there are many factors to choosing the right grass for your lawn. Once these questions are answered, you’ll then need to ask yourself how your lawn will be maintained. Our experts at Aisling View can help you choose and care for the right type of grass.

You grow it, let Aisling View mow it! Call today at 317-636-9408 to get on the schedule for this year!