Many people give gifts during the winter holidays and gifts for the gardener means preparing for spring and summer enjoyment. You have lots of choices to surprise and excite the gardeners in your life.

When shopping for a gardener, you should identify the type of garden that friends and family enjoy. Aisling View features flower beds and ornamental garden designs for their clients, but those aren’t the only kinds of gardens there are. You will also want to consider the following kinds of gardens when choosing your gift:

  • Vegetable garden
  • Flower garden
  • Indoor garden
  • Patio garden
  • Window box garden

Your choices might depend on the experience of your gardener. Are they a veteran or master gardener? Will this be their first time to garden? Are they a young gardener – a child or youth?

 Gardeners need tools

 Any gardener, young or old – novice or veteran, will need tools to plant, cultivate and clean out their gardens. You might not think that shovels and hand trowels are good gifts, but these are the basic items for the gardener. You can find simple tools or decorative gift sets on the internet or at your local hardware store. Some have strong wooden handles, colorful plastic grips or all metal. A set might include a trowel, scissors, hand cultivator or garden fork. Durability is important, especially if they will be working with tough clay soils like we have here in Indiana!

But there are lots more options:

  • Every gardener who grows flowers or plants to cut will need some type of gathering basket.
  • They’ll need a variety of gloves for digging, cutting back and deadheading thorny flowers, and working with branches.
  • The plants will appreciate your gardener having a watering can for small gardens or patio plants.
  • Kneeling benches make it easier for adults to protect knees from stress and injury.
  • Garden stakes and signage let others see what the gardener has planted, but even these can be decorative and add to the beauty of the garden.

Decorate gardens with statues, stones, bits, and baubles

Friends and family might want to enhance their landscaping and decorative gardens with statuary. Who wouldn’t want a gazing ball or a set of metal cranes added to their flower beds? For your less flamboyant friends, you might purchase colorful rocks or inspirational stepping stones. Bird baths add to the garden and give birds a place to drink, bathe and cool off in the water. Buy a wind chime that can be hung in ornamental trees.

A patio provides a great space for plant stands or plant tables. Your friend or loved one will sit on the patio enjoying the potted plants that you purchased for them. They’ll warm their toes before their new fire pit while looking through their subscription to a gardening magazine. Or they will note their ideas and plans for next spring in their gifted garden planner or journal. Gifts for the gardener come in a huge variety of options.

Aisling View can work your gift of a tree, sculpture, or plant into their design and then install it next spring. If you have questions about how they can work with you, contact Aisling View at 317-636-9408. Getting your plans finalized now means you’ll be able to get whatever it is you are dreaming up installed sooner and be able to enjoy it longer next year.