Most people think of winter and see only the stark limbs of leafless trees and leftover remnants of dead flowers and plants. But, with some advance planning and thought, your garden can remain colorful and vibrant even in the white of winter snows.

Much of Indiana experiences snow and freezing temperatures throughout the winter months. But, there are some plants that are hardy enough to live through those months. Aisling View can assist you in picking out the plants that will fit into your yard or winter garden plan. They are experienced in planning and creating all types of gardens and yards.

Some of those plants include evergreens and flowering plants that thrive and look beautiful even in the snow.

  • Mock rush should be planted the in early spring. Left in the garden, the plant has seeds that attract and feed winter birds.
  • Flowering quince stays green for most of the year, but in the late winter garden, it blooms with bright flowers.
  • Snowdrop can bloom in early February. The plant has white, “dropping” flowers.
  • Boxwood hedges are an evergreen that when covered with snow can make your yard look magical.
  • Winterberry is a type of holly that loses its leaves in the winter, leaving only the colorful berries for your winter enjoyment.
  • Witch hazel will bloom in fall until late winter with red, orange and yellow followers.
  • Camellias, certain varieties, might also be a possibility in winter. The blooming flower is colorful and looks good with a snowy cover.
  • Christmas or Lenten Roses bloom in winter with various colorful flowers.
  • Sweet box is a type of shrub that has white blossoms in winter.

If you want to take some risks that the Indiana winter won’t be as cold or if you’re prepared to build a structure like a dome or tunnel for your plant, you might attempt to plant vegetables in the winter months. Kale, chard, spinach radishes, salad turnips, carrots, and spinach are hardy plants that can be grown in colder temperatures.

You should also consider taking precautions in early fall to make sure that your garden is ready for those spring and summer months. The winter months that are just around the corner can be hard on gardens and flower beds in weather zones that are frigid and brutal. Before freezing temperatures, transplant trees, plants and scrubs, and divide spring and summer plants.

With your mower, mulch leaves and garden waste to put around plants. Clean up old mulch so that bugs and disease are eradicated. But, after the ground freezes for the first time, spread new mulch around plant roots to protect them the rest of the winter. Winterize roses with mulch or burlap covering.

Aisling View can help you plan and install a garden with plants that sprout in late winter. The beauty of the snow and ice will be the backdrop for trees, shrubs and flowering plants that add color to your yard.

Contact Aisling View, 317-636-9408, now to start planning for a winter garden next year. You can get the work done early in the season and enjoy it all spring and summer and then into fall and winter, too.