If you want to add a deck or patio to your home this spring, now’s the time to make plans for the construction. In developing your design, you’ll want to consider a number of aspects before starting. The first and most important point is to make the choice –deck or patio?

Decks can be built with lumber or synthetic materials

While you could construct a deck as free-standing away from the house, many are an attached addition to the outside of your home. Most decks are built at the same level of the house, but can be lower or even higher, or actually have multiple levels. Decks often have railings, steps or built-in benches. They may be built around a pool or spa.

Many people build their deck with lumber, but other synthetic materials are also available. Your wooden decks can be painted, stained or built with colored materials for a unique look. The synthetic materials are weather resistant, don’t need to be stained, and may last longer.

Patios can be an interesting shape for your backyard

A patio is built at ground-level and is usually designed with landscaping around it. It can be attached to the house or it can be built away from the home. Your patio can be a conservative square or take on any shape that you want that fits your yard and design. Builders may use concrete, pavers, brick, stone, tile or gravel in the design.

When choosing a deck or patio you should also consider the following aspects:

  • Which is more cost-effective?
  • Which might add more value to your house?
  • Will you want an outdoor kitchen on either the deck or patio?
  • Will you want additional construction like a pergola or awning for shade and interest?
  • Which might be best if your yard is not level or if you want to focus on a natural view?

If privacy is a must!

You may want to include something that ensures the privacy of your deck or patio. Landscaping can give you ample privacy around your structure. Trees, bushes, hedge and evergreens make a natural fence that can keep out prying eyes or interested neighbors. Ivy and vining plants on a trellis or fence will also make your area private and give it a cozy feeling.

A number of interesting panels, lattice fencing, or wire-meshed screens could add to your privacy and comfort. Cloth panels or curtains can be hung from a pergola or roofed deck to provide some color, interest and privacy on one end of your deck or patio.

The landscape experts at Aisling View can help you make all the important choices when selecting either a deck or patio. They offer architectural hardscapes and design and specialize in decks, patios, water features and outdoor lighting. Their expert designers have experience in creating that perfect space that you and your family can enjoy for a long time. Contact RD Tisdale at 317-636-9408 to get a free estimate for that new deck or patio you have in mind.